Sunday, November 1, 2009

I have moved

I have been having many issues with blogger of late. I am moving to Please bear with me till I am able to set it up properly.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am back!!

Well, finally!! And about time too... Ok, for those who don't remember me (guess most don't coz I have been missing in action for a long time now), I am a cardmaker from India. I love crafting (no needlework and knitting though) when I have some spare time... I got into card making quite accidentally never having thought I could pursue a craft so seriously. This blog is my attempt to bring out the creativity in me. I do not sell my cards and mostly make them for personal use.

I have not been active in blog land for around 5 months now due to some personal problems. And during these last few months most of my crafting activities have been centered around my son - costumes for school functions; masks, animals with moving tails, trunk etc... when he was bored; trying many types of papercraft during his holidays just to keep him occupied and entertained - kind of sums up everything I have made since June! :-)) Why, just today I made him a spider bracelet that should do fine for his school's Halloween celebration (it isn't a very popular day around here so the bracelet and a spooky hat should be good enough).

Ok, coming down to the cards. I finally managed to get some time to do my own thing and decided to get down to some serious crafting. My favorite sketch blog has always been 2Sketches4you. So my comeback card (whoa! I am making myself sound like a celebrity, huh?) had to be based on their sketch.

The first card here is very loosely based on the sketch. I had to try these paper flowers from Kathy's blog somewhere so I added them to this card. I haven't added the sentiment yet. The champagne bottle and flute are stickers. I threaded a few buttons together for the embellishment.

CS: Metallic CS from DCVW, plain CS's from stash, DP from Hobby Ideas
Others: Leaf punch by Jef, 3D outliner from Hobby Ideas (used as champagne)

This second card is more of an actual adaptation of the sketch. Sorry about the poor light; the pics were taken from a mobile phone. Sentiment not yet added. This is an anniversary card like the previous one. I have 2 entwined hearts here (not clear in the pic) - a pink and a blue. The flowers and leaves were punched and hand embossed. Basically, it took a lot of effort to punch and shape all those flowers ;-)

CS: Metallic CS from DCVW, others from stash
Punches: Flower punch from Carla craft, leaf from Jef
Others: rhinestones from stash, 3D outliner from Hobby Ideas, white microbeads from stash

That's from me for now. Hoping to be able to craft more often.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

The crafting itch....

Hi there everyone,

It is now almost 5 months since I last crafted properly (except for my anniversary cards in June)!! Can you imagine a crafter staying away from her tools for so long??! Even I can't... but the situation has been such that I am left with no choice. I have been having people coming and staying all the time since we returned from our vacation... And I am one person who needs all the peace and quiet possible to be able to sit and craft! I can't stand interference and talking while I sit down to work... and there has not been this kind of a suitable environment for me since so long!

Anyway, now I want to craft... and the inspiration - apart from my own little creative side - is the new Fiskars Paper Trimmer that my dad got for me from Australia. I have been dying to own one of those; so now I am in seventh heaven. I shall hopefully be able to create something in the next few days... :-)

Here's a pic of what I've got... (this is from a website though):


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random ramblings

No, I have nothing to post... I made a few cards for my husband on our anniversary (which was on the 27th of June) but I haven't clicked pictures of them.
I just couldn't resist writing... The blog has been inactive for so so really long. My hands are even itching to craft again... ;-)

My (parents and brothers) -in-law are here with us now so I really have no time for crafting as such. But I do intend to make one more card for a cousin. If I manage to do it, you will see some post from me soon. I am also expecting more guests so there is no chance of taking out my craft material in front of everyone. I usually prefer creating in either complete silence or with soft music in the background. And with so many people at home, both these environments are impossible to create! :D

Well, a little about our vacation... It was one of the best-est (if there were such a word) trips I have ever had. Since it was our first vacation abroad, we both enjoyed ourselves to the hilt... and so did Aaryan... was sheer pleasure.... an awesome theme park. Kuala Lumpur was a shopper's paradise. Langkawi was the closest to heaven I could get... blue waters and the picturesque landscape. Singapore is now my favorite city ;-) Loved it loved it loved it...

Till later...

Friday, May 29, 2009

No new posts for sometime

Hi all,

There will be no new posts from me for some time now. We are going on vacation next week and I am too excited to do anything productive now ;-) After we get back, my in-laws will be coming over for a long stay. So I am not too sure when I will post next.

I will miss crafting for sure.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Debbie's droolworthy birthday candy

Hop over to Debbie's blog for the chance to win some truly awesome candy. Don't believe me? Well, check out this pic:

Hurry up! Last date: 23rd May.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Newer colors

I was chatting with my best (and oldest) friend, Kunkum, today. She commented that my blog was colorful, but there was loads of blue and pink. In today's card for Laura's Sketch # 26 at 2S4U, I tried to use other colors too - yellow and orange, for example. ;-) Vineet thinks the color combination is different but nice.

And I think I will try doing some of Kristina's challenges now on, so that I don't go wrong with the colors and I have a nice palette every week. I do look up all color challenges every week, but somehow when I sit down to make a card, I choose whatever suits my fancy at that moment.

Coming back to today's card. I love this stamp. It is from a new clear stamp set I bought recently. And I am totally in love with GlueDrops (which is our version of the Glue Dot). The adhesive is very strong and it kind of holds anything. I bought a circle punch too, recently, after looking at it for months. I was waiting for something larger, but this is the largest I have been able to find. :-( I used it in one of the bubbles (the green one). I have again give paper piecing a try but I think it is going to take a while to perfect this art.

My card recipe:
Cardstock: Metallic CS from the DCWV stack, blue patterned paper from Hobby Ideas, yellow and orange CS from stash
Stamp: Bubbles stamp from a Hobby Ideas clear stamp set
Others: Heidi Grace rub-on; Fevicryl 3D outliner in various shades; Staedler markers; Carla Craft circle punch; lace and ribbon from stash
PS: Vineet hates the pompom!! :D Wonder why?! I kind of find it cute and have bought it 3-4 shades. He thinks it looks kind of cheap!!

Does anyone have any nice template for a 6*6 card envelope/box? I checked Mel's blog (Mel Stampz) but couldn't find the kind I needed. I liked one of the semi-envelope templates that she has and used it for a friend's wedding card.

PS: For those of you suffering from the summer heat, have you had any ice lollies/popsicles yet?! :-) I just had one some time back.