Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is this world, if full of care... we have no time to stand and stare

I so very badly want to create a card, but I can't!!! No, I'm not really out of ideas or anything...I just don't have the time for it. Did I hear you say I was offering an excuse?? Well, frankly, I am not. There has been just too much of work these last few days. My maid has taken a few days off and so has my cook... Aaryan is making me run around the place and more often than not, I am carrying him around even while cooking!! My brother-in-law is not keeping well and is home today...Trying times these are... I hope I am out of this phase soon.
I really hope to create something nice very soon.
Till then...

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Sharanya said...

OH! PLEASE do post your cards when you get time..I hope Aaryan isn't tiring you out too much!

ps: I linked your blog to mine...I hope that's ok. I did this the day I started reading your blog, but I kept forgetting to tell you.