Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hope you have had a fab day. Mine has been so-so. I am fasting today and it also happens to be a harvest festival of North India. Both together, I have had a rather hectic day full of religious rituals of sorts. Plus, I have been surviving the entire day on 2 bananas and a few cups of coffee; though I had to cook 3 different kinds of meals for 3 different people... God! my stomach is growling now and I can't eat till I spot the moon. Why does Mr. Moon always decide to come in late on days like these, I always wonder.
As usual I have not got the camera just now, so I will come back with my post later. Maybe tomorrow afternoon after Aaryan is through with school.
Till then, ciao.
PS: I have been going through all my favorite blogs and seeing their wonderful creations. I did a little bit of craft shopping yesterday and I am dying to use them all.

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