Monday, February 23, 2009

Back at last...

I am back after a sort of blog break... What have I been up to? Well, nothing much actually... Clearing up a lot of pending housework...baking for my darling son...watching TV...reading my favorite magazines...yeah, that should be about it.
Slumdog..has made waves at the Oscars, I hear! :-) and I am proud to be an Indian!! Proud of AR Rehman more than of anyone else on the SD team. May God bless him and may he continue creating class music... by the way, I love the 'Masakalli' number from Delhi 6. It is quite chirpy I think (and my caller tune for the moment).
I got back to crafting yesterday. Made a card for Mamma's 50th birthday (which was yesterday) and altered a spiral notebook for my grandpa. Both have come out very nice and to my expectation but I will post the pictures later.

And did I tell you that I finally found eyelets and a super eyelet tool. I am so happy!!! :-)



Sharanya said...

Eyelets? What are those?

I've missed you :'(

Smita said...

My dear Sharan... eyelets are something that we Indians see on many handmade bags but till we actually get down to crafting we never know what they are called ;-)... You will know when you see it...Even I didn't know there was such a thing till I read about it...then I even got to know that there is a tool available to set it!

Maria said...

I saw the movie and it was awesome. I loved the fact that it ended with a happy ending. I LOVE independent films but they always seem to end bad and throughout the movie, I was expecting a terrible sad ending but wow, not so!!

Glad to hear that you're back to crafting and that you found eyelets and the tool. We tend to take those things for granted here in the US.

Can't wait to see your creations!!


Rogera said...

put Mamma's card up here! and the notebook too!