Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Holi

Happy Holi!!!! Today is the Hindu festival of colors and Spring - Holi. People all over the country are drenching their friends and family in colored water, music is in the air, and everyone is generally having a great time! We didn't play Holi this time (well, we usually don't); Aaryan played in school so I didn't actually take him out today... Holi is also a time when we have delicious food made at home - sweetmeats, kanji wada (a popular delicacy in Marwari households like ours) and a lovely milkshake called Thandai.

Today is also my parents' wedding anniversary. I haven't yet posted their card here, but I will do it soon. I gave it to them when I went visiting yesterday.
Nothing more for now.

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Sankari W. said...

Happy HOLI!!! Belatedly!!! Hope it was fantastic!!! We are celebrating with the community on Saturday! Will have to send you some pics :) We are doing all the colors in the morning at the park and then in the afteroon we are doing puja, food etc... sending you lots of happy wishes for all blessings to you and your lovely family!!!
big HUGS!!!
Sankari :)