Monday, March 23, 2009

My little prince

This post is about my darling son, Aaryan. We both had been out for lunch today, and we had a blast. We went to the mall... he played for a while, and then we had pizza and garlic bread for lunch. He was a little reluctant about going in to Pizza Hut at first, but later I guess we both had a good time. :-)
And yes, we both went crazy at Hobby Ideas!! They have a new lot of patterned papers now, and I am so happy that I almost bought everything!! ;-) Aaryan liked a few sheets of stickers and other stuff and insisted on buying them; but ofcourse, Mamma was strict and she didn't let him buy anything. :-( The boy is so so fond of stickers that if I buy him one strip of stickers, he won't ask me to buy anything else for him that day! :-))))
It was the Annual Day at Aaryan's school on Saturday. He had taken part in a couple of dances. He was dressed as a sailor/boatman and they danced to one Hindi and one English song (not entire songs, of course). Here are a few pics.

The guy with the blue cap on, right in the middle (front) is my little prince.

Aaryan is on the extreme right with the oar in his right hand.

My handsome young man!! :-) Isn't he adorable?!



Richa said...

oh my! :D :D :D He is just SO adorable!!!!! :D :D :D

Richa said...

just read your post. WHY DID YOU NOT BUY HIM ANY STICKERS???? :-/ you better buy him a pack the next time 'round on my behalf!!! Dig?