Friday, July 18, 2008

Aaaah... pride!

Screeeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!! Boom.. pop....kreeeeaaaaak...thud!!! Pride has a fall, someone once told me. Well, I experienced it firsthand today. Spent most of today at an exhibition in Bandra. Aaryan and I had a gala time there, so did Mamma I guess. I visited an art and craft stall - well, that was the location of mishap!! The lady had such amazing works on display that I was spellbound. But luckily she also conducts classes...and I want to go at the earliest. The only problem is that she was damn rude. Anyway, that isn't my problem. I need to learn and I will.

I was speaking of creativity yesterday. I thought a lot about it after I had posted that bit. Does creativity only mean what we find aesthetically appealing? Of course not. Creativity lies as much in thought, action, words... actually just about everywhere. I can be creative in the way I teach my son the basic shapes and colours, in the way I pack Vineet's lunch box, in the way I dress up (well, not me exactly, anyone... that is why Rocky S or Ritu Beri may be what they are), or even in what I think when guests turn up late for a party (the obvious would be that they are caught in traffic; the more creative guess will be that they are still wondering what coloured vase I might like better - orange or brown ;-) ). The point is that I cannot limit my definition or scope of creativity to anything... that would definitely kill 'creativity'.

Phew! Too much of creative gyan I guess. I am thinking of my next project already. Shall reveal it when the time is right of course. For now, I am signing off with pictures of some cards I made.

Aaryan's birthday invite

With help from my sisters-in-law

One of my favorites... Aaryan's card to Vineet


Sylvia D'souza said...

heloooooo there!!

Here's to creativity and to you! keep the posts coming :))

Sankari W. said...

Hi Smita!! Just found your blog and was so happy to read your posts! Hope Aaryan had a great birthday (that is such a cute card he made for his dad). Can't wait to read more!
Best wishes,