Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lazy, lazy me

Of course I know I have been very very lazy. I should have written long back. Anyway, I have promised myself that I am not going to offer any excuses when I don't write... I will just come by and write!

The week so far has been quite good and today was awesome. Tiring it sure was, but we had quite a satisfying day. Loads of shopping for Aaryan (and for me too ;-) ). I didn't even spend too much time in the kitchen... hurray!! Not that I kept them all hungry :-). I am in this major mood to try out Indian mithais. You see, I keep getting these moods in cooking. And will you believe this, in 4 years of married life, I have never really made any good Indian 'dessert' ever!!!! I try many many recipes that I get from my books, from friends and so on, but somehow mithais have been like a scary jungle to me. I am always just too sure I can't make them. And suddenly, I had this craving to cook something really nice that would make the smell of saffron drift through the air in my home. Well, this wish hasn't really come true yet. But I am trying. My two successful attempts this week have been the nice and chilled Phirni that I made on Thursday, and the warm and textury (well, please don't check your dictionaries; this word does not exist) Malpuas that I made this morning (for breakfast he he he he :-) ). I liked them and so did Sumit, my younger bro-in-law. Vineet just 'tasted' them as he absolutely can not have anything sweet early in the morning!!

Still waiting for news about any cards that I might have made. Well, I won't disappoint you. I did manage to make two cards. But unfortunately that is about it. I made new baby cards (boy and girl). Remember I had mentioned earlier that I need to make these for a friend who is expecting. I will be off to Kolkata next week and she is due around the week after, so I am just keeping it ready. My mind has been bubbling with some fresh ideas for a couple of cards that I need to carry to Kolkata. Let me see when I find the time to make them. Someone tell me where I can find good paper!!! Well, actually I did find out from a friend's sis-in-law today... okay, I change my wish... someone please go and get the papers for me. :-)))))) I absolutely, really, actually must have some pink and chocolate brown papers (that is how my current favorite cartoon character - Lola from Charlie & Lola - would put it)!

Richa, if you are reading, please stop rightaway. Others, you must watch Charlie & Lola. I love Lola. She is a 4 year old, by the way, and Charlie's sister.

Anyway, I must go now. Will be back soon, I hope.

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Richa said...

I just read it! :D

I'll watch Charlie & Lola some day, I promise! :D

speak to Habli and you tomorrow..