Monday, July 21, 2008


Hope everyone is having a great week. I guess my week has started off quite well, especially after a week of culinary disasters. Seriously, almost everything I tried cooking/baking the whole of last week turned out into yucky and ugly things on the plate. Most of it went right into the garbage bin... saunkh khichdi, whole wheat n raisin muffins, and pulliyogare to name a few. The only exception was dinner on Wednesday, which turned out to be a mid-week treat for Vineet and my brothers in law ;-) A nice three-course Chinese meal (well, don't ask me what these 'three' courses were) complete with candles, good crockery and the works!
Last night I had my cook chop veggies for my Navratan Korma. I quite liked it, Vineet said it was nice but nothing spectacular. Well, you can't expect the husband to praise all the time, can you? ;-) And today I tried my own variation of falafel for Aaryan and me. I don't know if he will like it, but I did.
Somehow find weekdays to be more relaxing than weekends. You know why? Vineet leaves for office in the morning, so my lunch is almost done before he leaves. Just some chappatis to make later. Maid is done with her work. And I have some time in the afternoon all to myself. Weekends on the other hand are...phew... tiring. Everyone's at home and I usually end up in the kitchen most of the time, then an outing occasionally (malls do drain all the energy out of you), a late night card game or a movie, and you still need to get up to open the door for the milkman at 7 am! I hate that last bit. But weekends are still fun times, I must admit.
No cards in the last couple of days. I made one for a one-year old's birthday party on Saturday. Didn't turn out too good so I refused to click a picture ;-)) Have an idea in mind for a few baby cards (will need them soon for a friend). Got to start work on them today.
That's from me for now. Ciao.

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Sharanya said...

YOU'RE BLOGGING! AT LAST!! Thank GOD! I loved the card you made for Varshu. 'Twas amazing . Especially that silver flower that you put on it :)

I shall be here more often than you think..I LOVE reading blogs!

Say hi to Aaryan and jiju for me.